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Today, we experience the growing popularity of custom academic writing or “write me an essay” services. More and more students order to write essay online. The professors and education scholars mostly frown upon custom written essay. They think that only a lazy or not so bright student who is incapable to write an essay him- or herself will order outside help to write me an essay. These people only see the effect but fail to grasp the cause of the “write me an essay” phenomenon.

Meanwhile, the custom paper market is blooming, and a student can order to write an essay in just a  few clicks. If just some years ago, finding someone to write me an essay was quite complicates, now it is has grown quite easy. This is a direct response to the growing demand for custom essay writing services.

But why does this demand exist? Why do more and more students order to write essay online? Let us try and find out.


The main argument of those who oppose the “write me a paper” services are the following: It is unethical and immoral to have someone else write essay for you. They claim that every student should write the entirety of assignments him- or herself because it is s/he who is being trained to write. However, it is obvious that the questions of ethics and morality are man-made, and, thus, they can never be subjective.

The real reason behind this high brow attitude of those old-fashioned folks stems from the times when they were students themselves. They had significantly fewer opportunities to order someone else to write me an essay. But they also had a great deal less written assignments to accomplish. So, what they do is project the situation that they were in as students, onto the present day, failing to realize that the times and circumstances have changed a lot.

So, why do students keep turning to custom writing services?


It would be superficial to say that “write me a paper” services are growing in popularity only because such services have become more accessible. By thinking so, we would confuse the effect with the cause. The supply is the effect, and the demand is the cause and not the other way around.

In the past few decades, the education thought has been developing an idea that any specialist in any field of studies should be able to convey his or her knowledge and ideas in written form. While it may seem like a good idea, how does it translate into practice?

In practice, it leads to the ever growing amount of written assignments. The curriculum gets flooded with these tasks, and the students are overwhelmed with them. In such a situation, even the smartest and most industrious students often have no choice but to look for someone else to write me an essay.


So, the situation is the following: A smart and industrious student has a great understanding of his or her field of studies, but simply has no time or energy to do all the writing him- or herself, and s/he still needs a good (preferable, excellent) grade. What is the most logical step in such a situation?

Naturally, it is to look for help outside. Fortunately enough, it is quite easy today, because we have the Internet at our disposal. All one has to do is google “write me my essay” or anything like that, and choose a custom writing company from hundreds upon hundreds of search results to order the essay from. But since you are here, you must have figured out where you can order your written assignment to land you that excellent grade that you deserve. You are welcome to place your order here, and we will have any kind of writing ready as soon as the next day!